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Welcome all MBM Family and newcomers! If you are a part of the Manboy Mafia Family then you should already know what's up. But for those who don’t, please don’t miss out! This is a group that is targetting younger audiences to make them aware of whats going on in the world in regards to mental health and suicide awareness. Children need to know they have a voice also. What they decide to do with themselves matters. If they are in a bad place they need to know there is a community there to help support them and push them. You matter. You all seriously matter whether you're having a hard day or a good one and something sets it off. You still matter. Our goal is to grow a community who supports one another and we only care for smiles and a good time. Giving up is not the answer. We are all here for you! 
We have created our logo in hopes to raise awareness and support. There is merchandise available for those who want to support, our goal is to raise money in hopes to donate school supplies around the beginning of the school years. We also want to be able to donate presents to children in need around the times of the holidays.

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